Privacy & Disclaimer

The purpose of Bazoco’s current website is to inform anybody interested in the products and services provided by Bazoco.

Following rules and conditions are applicable to the use of Bazoco’s website. Every website visitor is bound by these rules and conditions. Every website visitor explicitly agrees to take full responsibility for reading these rules and conditions on a regular basis, so as to be conversant with the latest version.

1. Access to the website
All information (i.e. text, files, images,…) is made available to you by Bazoco for informational purposes only.
Everybody interested can get acquainted with this information. However, Bazoco reserves the right to change – whenever deemed necessary and without any previous warning – the rules and conditions related to the access of (parts of) the website.
Access to restricted sections of the website is granted depending on the information provided by the website visitor/user. The visitor/user who provides this information, explicitly agrees with the fact that this information becomes Bazoco’s property. By giving information to Bazoco, the latter explicitly gets permission to use this information, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
Granting access to restricted sections of the Bazoco website (by means of user names and passwords) can – at any time – be changed or refused by Bazoco. No damages can ever be claimed for this from.

2. Liability with regard to the given information
Bazoco does not give any guarantees with regard to availability, deliver-ability, or adaptation for commercial or private use.
Therefore, Bazoco can not be held responsible for the use of the text, documents, images, etc… of its website, nor for the execution of any programs on it.

3. Present links
In order to facilitate visiting Bazoco’s website, links to other websites have been inserted.
Visitors can use these links at their convenience.
Bazoco cannot be held responsible for any damage, resulting from using these links as Bazoco does not give any guarantees with regard to the use of third party websites, neither to their contents.
Any website visitor, who finds out that a link is not working properly, or is not working at all, can always report this.
At any time, Bazoco has the right to add new links or remove existing links.

4. Protection of intellectual rights
The logo and company name are protected. These can NOT – under any circumstances – be reproduced or presented without Bazoco’s prior permission.
Nevertheless, Bazoco cannot be held responsible for information on its website, which might violate the intellectual rights of third parties.
Anyone who thinks their intellectual rights are being violated by improper use on Bazoco’s website, is requested to inform Bazoco about this as soon as possible. The latter will then remove – at least temporary – those materials from its website.

5. Privacy Policy
In order to provide the website visitors with the information requested, Bazoco might ask for personal data, such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number etc. This is of course required to allow Bazoco to identify the website user.
Bazoco needs this information, in order to provide its services, to send invoicing and pricing information, to be able to answer questions, etc…
Bazoco respects the privacy of this personal information and has implemented several security measures, in order to protect this information.
For more information about this Web Policy, please contact us.