Custom made solutions - that complex projects require professional products and services. Every project requires individual approach to meet customers’ expectations.

Quality - Our clients are experts in their field. We maintain customer satisfaction as foremost priority through delivering solutions to ensure sound outcome.

State of the art logistics - Procurement and logistics processes are well honed. We leverage our purchasing power, run lean operations and consolidate intelligently to pass best solutions back to our customers.

Cross border delivery - Worldwide multipoint delivery, even to the most remote corners of the globe with secure and seamless cross border movement.



Quality products

We offer products with best quality and reliability. Optimum operation is ensured by expert installation.

Fast shipping

We offer speedy and on time delivery to ensure timely implementation. Development and delivery is guaranteed on time.

Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices to increase clients satisfaction and lower total cost of ownership.

Next generation

With new product range, Bazoco meets the requirements of next generation equipment.

Perfect handling

From the inquiry to the application and beyond, Bazoco guarantees perfect handling and first-class service to its customers.

First-class references

First-class references and years of partnerships prove the success of Bazoco concept.

Our Mission

We strive to exceed client’s expectations through the application of extensive knowledge and experience in the field with advanced tools.

We understand the complexity of competence in an ever changing world of business and continue to develop and enhance our technical and managerial capabilities to serve our clients in an effective and efficient manner.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a prime vendor for the public and private sector, offering most suitable solutions for different projects worldwide:

Respecting and valuing human rights without discrimination.
Meeting the client’s expectations by providing efficient and affordable services.
Giving options and choices for customers and being flexible and patient about their request and ideas.

Why Us


We are innovative company constantly developing our knowledge and operating methods to provide our knowledge and operating methods to provide our clients the highest quality services and positive experience. At Bazoco, we are constantly looking for new solutions for our clients.

Centralize & optimize purchases

Our strategic positioning right in the heart of Europe with on-site presence in different countries, our know how and a deep knowledge of the market allows us to control the entire supply chain, offering a global service aimed to save time, avoid risks and improve competitiveness. Enjoy working with a partner able to centralize and coordinate avoiding intermediaries and time delays.

Diverse range of products

The company specializes in producing and export of diverse range of products, machineries and services. We continuously strive to align our products & services to the ever changing needs & market situation so as to deliver the best added value to our customers & partner. Our diverse range of products will serve and match all your needs, if you do not find suitable product of your interest in our portfolio, we will make sure you get the best customized solution.

Customer Support

Our team of experts are always available to answer all your questions about our products and services. We offer professional and personalized advice ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. We want our customers to see us as an extension of their purchasing department, taking care of their interests in price, quality and delivery times.


Our qualified team worked together in order to achieve a common aim of bringing together the very best of the products. We have many years of experience, manufacturing and delivery, with the formalities and more stringent customs documents, with clients around the world. Today we’ve built strong strategic partnerships with our distributors around the World, giving you access to the Bazoco product range.


You need high-quality products, and you need them delivered to your country/facility on-time, every-time. At Bazoco we’re proud to have done exactly that for years, ensuring our customers have the best quality products on time to run their business smoothly. We hold most of the items in stock ensuring constant availability and just-in-time delivery. Our network of warehouses mean you get the goods transported to your facility on demand.


We follow strict standards on product quality, reliable packing system and delivery to serve the customer needs. Our guarantee of the highest and most consistent quality to our customers is achieved through long term business relationships we enjoy with our material suppliers. Our products are made to the same or even higher quality than those marketed by big companies and once introduced to any market, they get established very quickly

Competitive prices

We assure better competitive rates, best quality products and fastest services. We are able to supply at very competitive prices as we achieve this by not spending a great deal on advertising and marketing. We market and distribute our products mainly through already established channels, our local distributors/partners. We guarantee lower total cost of ownership.

One-stop service

When you do business with us you are assured of a hassle-free, one stop service for all your needs. We have a professional team with experience in engineering, custom regulations, freight and logistics, trained to give the ultimate customer satisfaction. So if you’re looking for a fast and efficient provider who can supply you with wide range of quality goods and services.

Flexible customer support

Our mission is to continuously optimize our customer’s needs by offering innovative products, competing the market with sharp prices, delivering our products faster and providing excellent services with the efforts of our professional sales and back-office team. For us, customer proximity means being available for our customers at any time. We provide solutions to enable our customers to meet the demand in their markets.